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While We’re Talking About the Mississippi…

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As I’m attending this conference I noticed that the hotel lobby had a series of prints on the walls of the Mississippi River. It reminded me of this picture that I took in the Quad Cities in September 2011.

Here’s a link to some more photos …


Click here for more photos…

From the Mighty Mississippi

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I’m working in La Crosse, Wisconsin this week.  I’m photographing photographing the Upper Midwest Association of College Registrars and Admissions Officers.  I’m also representing Jolesch Photography as a vendor at the conference.


Conference work involves a lot of long days but there are periods of downtime when the attendees are in their breakout sessions and I’m caught up with my photography.  The respite allows me to get caught up on other work while admiring the grand majesty of the Mississippi River.2012-11-08 10.40.37.jpg

Baseball History, Part 2

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Baseball History

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Tin Sign: Topps 1955 Baseball Box

The value of photography

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EggRocket Photography offers a free mini-seminar (often presented as a Lunch & Learn) defining the value of good photography in listing property and providing 10 tips that Realtors can do RIGHT NOW to improve their listing photos.  Call us today at 515.520.1469.

Testing the system…

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The Great Fire of London -- Kicktraq Mini

Lyn Kramer is on board!

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Lyn Kramer was instrumental to the success of Textorservice years ago.  She is a skilled marketer and an even better person.  I’m thrilled to announce that she’s back on board!

I met with Lyn, Deborah and Candace a couple of weeks ago to develop strategy.  Things are looking very good!

Welcome to Our New Blog

January 13, 2012 Blog Comments Off

I’m really excited about our new website and blog feataure.  We’ve partnered with Solvent Web to create this new communication tool.  I look forward to using this blog to provide updates on business trends and practices in the field of photojournalism and real estate photography.  I expect this blog to provide real and practical advice for those selling and promoting real estate via the Internet.

Yesterday I photographed a lovely split level home on Bittersweet Road in Marshalltown. I’ve enjoyed working with Marshalltown’s top Realtor Jamie Bland for several months now.

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