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Real Estate Photography

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Traditional photography technology leaves real estate photographs flat and uninteresting because it cannot capture the full contrast and tonal range of real life. Highlights are blown out and shadows quickly slip to total black.

By utilizing a process called High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI or HDR Imaging) we can capture the full dynamic range of a scene. Up to nine photographic images of a subject are recorded at various exposure settings and tonemapped in specialized software to bring out every fabulous detail. Colors are richer, details are more precise, highlights are more brilliant and nothing is lost in the shadows.

Keith Textor – founder of Textorservice and EggRocket Photography – has been a successful photojournalist for over 20 years and now incorporates HDR Imaging technology in his real estate photography. To schedule Keith or one of the professional photographers at EggRocket Photography for a no-cost/no-obligation consultation, call 515.520.1469 or shoot us an email at .

Photographs introduce your property to the market. Don’t let average photography put you at a disadvantage. Let us provide you with quality photography that sets your property apart, generates interest and increases traffic.  For real estate photographs that POP … call us today.

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